Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Exciting Changes for Bare Bottoms Boutique!

Hello all! I just wanted to take a minute to post a quick update on a lot of exciting changes that will be taking place for Bare Bottoms Boutique. First of all, our products - mainly cloth diapering products - will soon be available at a Blessed Baby Boutique in Farmington, Maine. Blessed Baby is a shop stocked with wares made mostly (but not entirely) by work-at-home moms, and geared towards natural parenting (cloth diapers, slings, natural soaps, nursing covers, wooden toys, etc). I've been offered consignment deals in the past, but I've turned them all down. However, Heidi's shop and the idea behind it really appeals to me and I'm very excited and honored that she has offered to sell my products!

Selling in a different venue has also given me an opportunity to work on my product packaging. What do you all think???

I am also now a licensed seller of Ditto Daddy products. I have loved the looks of these products since I first laid eyes on them and I'm thrilled to have been given the opportunity to make and sell them for all of you to enjoy. Keep checking back to see some of these great items stocked in my shop very soon (hopefully! ;-))

Other exciting changes to keep an eye out for include diapers with snap closures (the same great product with snaps instead of aplix) and a new web design! So, stay tuned...we've got some exciting changes ahead!


Merka said...

That's fantastic, Bare. Congrats on your growing business :)

Lorissa J. Longfellow said...

congrats. The shop sounds great. I also love the cute little girl trainers. The boys look great to, but I'm aways on the look out for things for my little girl.

New England Quilter said...

Wow - that is a lot of exciting news!! I love the idea of the shop you are going to sell in - how wonderful!!

Family said...

Sounds great!

Fantastic news

sewinggranny Mona said...

Congradulations, Bare....nice to see shops grow...Good luck!!!

RetroRugrats said...

Your new packaging looks great! Good luck with the new product line.