Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little Stinker!!!!!

Warning: You may not want to read this if you're just sitting down to enjoy your lunch.

What is it about poo that children find so fascinating? I considered myself lucky that I had no poop 'incidents' with Ryleigh until after her second birthday when she (her words) 'tooted and a poop came out' in the tub. That is until Isaac came along and decided to make up for his sister's lack of fecal exploration. It all started on Monday when Buzzy (our 4.5 year old Pug) had some stomach issues. I'm sure he must have eaten something that he shouldn't have - he's known to do that, but I have no idea what it was. Whatever his ailment, it caused him to poo uncontrollably (although it was not diarrhea). Anyway....after just letting him inside, he apparently still had to go and did so by the back door without my knowledge. That is until I see Isaac sitting there very happily squishing a dog turd. The smell alone was making me gag, nevermind the thought of my son playing in fresh dog poo! So, I'm screeching from disgust, Isaac is totally freaked out because I'm screeching and running him under water, and Ryleigh was like a broken record asking what happened. I was totally grossed out for the day. Needless to say, that wasn't the end of his antics. Later that day, after coming in from outside, I put Isaac down to play and went about my business. He immediately heads towards the bathroom - his favorite place - loves the toilet. I didn't think anything of it - my house is pretty child-proof. That is until I realized that Ryleigh had used the bathroom last - by herself. She's still learning the whole 'going-potty-on-her-own' thing. We have a little step-stool that we put in front of the toilet and a seat that fits into the hole of the toilet to make it smaller for little potty-training bums. It's a great contraption, really, except for the fact that you can't close the toilet seat with it on. And, Ryleigh tends to forget to flush the toilet. So, once I realize this, I go running in to check on him and sure enough....he had fished a bunch of toilet paper out of the toilet and ate it. He had the evidence running down his chubby little belly. GROSSSSSS! I'd like to say that that was enough disgusting-ness for one week, but oh forward to this morning. A little background info: I still put Isaac in a disposable diaper at night because he still wakes up to eat twice and therefore pees a ton at night and I'm too lazy to change his diaper in the middle of the night. But, the rest of the time he's in cloth diapers and for those who cloth diaper, you know that its easiest to have the diaper pail by the toilet so you can dump the poo and then throw the diaper into the pail. Therefore, we do not have a diaper pail in his room., when I got him out of bed this morning he had a poopy diaper. Of course, I changed him like I always do when he first wakes up. I then wrap the diaper up in itself, and toss it on the floor to be thrown in the trash later. Welllllllll....about an hour or so later I take the kids upstairs to pick up, make beds, get them dressed, etc. They were both playing in Isaac's room and I went into our bedroom to make the bed. Pretty soon Ryleigh comes running into our room and very excitedly says 'Isaac's got a poop!' A little perplexed, I ask 'Isaac pooped?' and she says 'NO - Isaac dumped his poop out of his diaper!' I think I was running before she even finished her sentence. I get into his room and there he is - diaper unwrapped, poop all squished in his hands, and like slow motion his hand was going towards his mouth. I screamed, grabbed him, and once again we go through the 'Mommy screaming, Isaac's confused, and Ryleigh's repeated question routine' of getting him cleaned up. It was sooooo gross. THEN (as if that wasn't enough, right?) after lunch, I put him down for his afternoon nap. It was really hot in the upstairs of our house today, so I put a fan in his room to try to keep him cool while he slept. Well, apparently the fan noise kept me from being able to hear over the monitor that he was awake. I went up when I thought he had just woken up, but apparently he had been awake for a while because I found him sitting naked in his crib, the diaper was thrown on the floor, his crib mobile was completely down and dismantled, and he was just so proud of himself. Luckily there was no poop involved in this little incident. I can only imagine what that scene would have looked like! I ran to get the camera, but the pics didn't come out too great. Here's my son in all his Little stinker!!!! I hope I haven't grossed any of you out too badly.


sewinggranny Mona said... glad that was you and not me !!!!!

Cindy Joy said...

OMG, you are making me laugh. Ethan pulled the "what's this that big brother left in the toilet" thing about a month ago - gross, gross, gross. And I found out when he pulled his diaper off in the morning because he started crying when he peed on his favorite blanket. He was very unhappy when I took it away to wash it. Boys can be so yucky!

Klymyshyn Design said...

Thanks for keepin' it all in a good perspective for us (helpless) moms! My first became defiant at age 18 months about taking a midday nap and to prove she meant it - managed to poop and play with it 7 times...I gave in and did not make her take a midday nap and she never played with poop again!

Andrea Baker said...


Whimsical Creations said...

OMG!!! I can't stop laughing!

:-) melanie