Tuesday, July 22, 2008

25 Years...That's a LONG Time!

My Mom and Step-Dad, Tom, just celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary on July 2nd. What an amazing milestone!
July 2, 1983
With the divorce rates in this country, its amazing that people even bother to get married any more. Gone are the days when marriages lasted a lifetime. Instead we live in a world where blended families, and single-parent families are the norm. This is not to say that my Mom and Tom didn't contribute to the staggering divorce rate...they both made their mistakes before they found each other. But, to have pulled a family together from two broken ones and to have kept it together for 25 years...that's quite an achievement! Josh and I will be married for 5 years this October, so I now know the hard work and dedication that a marriage requires. And in celebrating their 25th, it only makes me think, wonder, and dream of what our lives will be like when we celebrate our 25th anniversary, and what life has in store for us for the next 20 years preceeding that day. The year will be 2028...We'll be 49 (OMG!), Ryleigh will be 23, and Isaac will be 21...what will be doing? Where will be living? What will our kids be doing? Will we have grandchildren? It's so fun to think and wonder....but, back to the present...I hosted a big anniversary party for my Mom and Tom on July 12th. We rented a hall, had a catered dinner, dj, and tons of fun! It was an honor to me to be able to honor them and the wonderful acheivement they have made in their lives. It was just a small thank-you to all they have done for us over the years. Here's to 25 more, Mom & Dad!

Here are a few photos from the event.

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