Thursday, November 20, 2008

Warning - Not for those with a weak stomach!

So, I'm assuming most of those who sew have knicked their finger more than once in the sewing machine. I've done it countless times myself. But, I took it to the next level on Tuesday. And trust me, it isn't an enviable level. I've been sewing like crazy lately...trying to get Christmas gifts made and continue adding new items to my shop along with keeping up with custom orders and trades. So, when I dropped my daughter off at preschool on Tuesday, I rushed home and got started sewing. Honestly, I don't recall exactly what happened, but here is what I DO remember: I was topstitching some flannel backed satin and it wasn't feeding well. I apparently got my fingers a little too close. I hit my left ring finger and immediately pulled it back to find thread sticking out of my nail. I had to pull pretty hard to get the thread out and of course it stung a bit. Then I looked at the needle and noticed that not only was it bent all out of shape, but it was also broken. So, I start looking around for the head of the needle. It didn't take me long to realize that it was IN my finger. Yup, that's right - it went through my nail, bone, and broke off in my finger. I started to panic...tried calling my husband at work, of course I couldn't get a hold of him. I'm calling him, emailing him, paging him...nothing. Irritated that I really need him and I can't get a hold of him, I just send an email saying 'I need to go to the hospital, call me'. That was it. Luckily my mom works only 15 minutes away from my house, so I got my mom to come and get me and take me to a quick-care facility. I had to have x-rays, a tetnus shot, and then they had to make a small incision in the back side of my finger to remove the needle. The doctor was having quite a hard time getting it out...he had to cauterize my nail (don't ask me why) and finally call in an orthopedic surgeon to come in and get it out (he got it out first try). All the while all I can think about is I wish I could turn my cell phone on because I'm sure Josh has gotten my email by now and is freaking out and I really need to call Ryleigh's preschool teacher to tell her that it will be my mom picking Ryleigh up from school today. Finally, I got to turn my phone on. Poor Josh had been driving around to every hospital known to man looking for me. lol...Then they cleaned up my wounds and sent me on my way - without pain meds, by the way. Thank god Josh had some pain meds left from when he threw his back out last winter because once the novicaine wore off it was QUITE painful! By yesterday, though, it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be. My arm was killing me where I had the tetnus shot, though! But, I was able to go without pain meds. My nail is in rough shape. Warning - some graphic pics coming up. Here's what my finger looked like about 36 hours after:
Entrance Wound:

Exit Wound (definitely the less painful of the 2):
I was able to keep myself away from my sewing machine for about 24 hours. Its feeling much better today. Hope I never do that again! :)